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01 April 2009 @ 10:30 pm
Arashi Overload!  
For some reason I really didn't feel like posting anything since last week. But since my last post, I've seen lots of (Arashi) videos!
I swear I'm almost overdosing on Arashi right now. It's like "Eito? Who are they?" >.< From GnA to AnS to Arashi on Utaban to their concerts, it's Arashi all the way lately! O.o

I did watch Eito's Heat Up! concert this weekend, after watching Arashi Around Asia 2008, and... unbelievably, I think I enjoyed AAA more?!!?! O.o Nani kore?!

But still, I won't give up on my Eito. Tacchon's still my ichiban (though I have a sneaking suspicion about Sho-kun >.> and I would never have expected this Riida!!! O.o) and Ryo-chan is still my ni-ban.
(On the other hand, every time I type the word "still", Arashi's song "Still" plays in my head. >.> Isn't that a bad sign? x.x )


Anyway, I've never watched a full Arashi concert DVD before. This one is the first and only one I've watched so far, but it definitely won't be the last!!! ^___^

I do wish Arashi's definition of "Around Asia" would include the Philippines. I swear I, the very kuripot Yna-chan who hates spending money, will shell out good money to see Arashi!!! If it's true that MatsuJun's coming over here sometime for his drama, I'm definitely going wherever he'll be~! <3333
(As long as it's on the same island or on an island nearby, that is. I can't go to Mindanao or something at a moment's notice! x.x And please, not Holy Week or the week after that. Any date after that, I'm totally fine. XD )

- First of all, I'm surprised I knew many of the songs. I'm not sure how many songs they performed, but I didn't know about 6 of the songs plus the solos. The rest of the time I was singing and attempting to dance along. ^___^ Arashi~ Arashi~ for dream~! <3
And for some reason, I only snapped out of my daze and remembered to take screencaps during the second half. XD I had to go back and take a few from the first half as well. ;D

- Right now, Riida's solo is stuck in my head. I love his voice~ <3
I wasn't so sure how to react to Riida's costume. At first, I thought the gold top looked like a blouse I have. XD
And then! The shiny pants!!!

- Nino with the piano!
I have a confession: I hate envy guys who can play the piano.

- The Arashi Wave thing was cool~!! But of course, screencaps don't capture it. And since I can't make a gif right now, I didn't bother.

- Carnival Night - wow the confetti! O.o

- Whatever this song was, it was so cool~!!!
Edit: It's Re(mark)able, thanks sakuramushy27 for reminding me! XD

- The moment I saw Arashi in pink suits... *snicker* I just HAD to take screencaps. >D
I want to make an icon out of this screencap! With a (possible) caption: "REAL" men wear pink *chortle*

- One Love~! I expected them to be in white suits or something, but ok... I took these because they're so full of Arashi love.
Such closeness! XD

- I LOVE fountain endings!!! <3333 And this concert actually started with fountains, too, but...well, they didn't look as spectacular in the afternoon light.
And you can even see the buildings in the background! Cool~!! ^___^

- Ohno diving into the tank filled with water! XD His facial expressions were priceless. >D
poor Riida, shivering in the cold after that dunk. >D

- I love the scene where MatsuJun gave his mic to Riida when Riida's mic wasn't working~!!! And when it was MatsuJun's turn to sing....
awww, isn't that sweet? (~.^)

- And before I started watching tons and tons of Arashi shows and videos, I never understood why there was a pairing called OhMiya. Now I totally get it.
How can anyone not notice it when it's plastered on the huge screens during the concert/s?!

uwaaaah, I heard Pink's "So What" in the background of AnS ep121~!!!! and I wonder why I'm getting so excited over that... >.>

That reminds me... does anyone know what the title of the opening theme for AnS is? I feel like I should know it, but it slipped from my memory. >.>

I really should make an Arashi icon...and a smiling!Ryo one, while I'm at it. (>.<)


Oh, just to show that I didn't forget my Eito...

JUST ONE screenshot of Tacchon from the Heat Up! concert:
Kawaii deshou? o(>.<)o

And Ryo-chan played the harmonica during the Onigishi performance? Hmmm... somehow I didn't expect that...
どうしようか?: amusedamused
愛を歌おう: Arashi Around Asia 2008
galaxy_namida: tada in drums - <3galaxy_namida on April 1st, 2009 05:27 pm (UTC)
LOL..these past few days i watched eito's Excite, Spirits, Heat up and 47 cons..over and over and over again..plus, NEW's Never Ending Wonderful Story con and Arashi's Iza Now :)

I haven't dled the AAA con...i heard all over the place that "that" con is the best among the others...hmmm..makes me wanna dled it now **___** YES! oh-chan's solos are always amazing..try watching his solo in Iza Now <3333 his movements are like "fast forwarded"..idk how he do it XDDD btw, ohmiya is <3333

tada and k8 are still my number 1...it's just good to watch other groups from time to time <3
Yna: tacchon magicynaoblivious on April 2nd, 2009 10:42 am (UTC)
I'm not supposed to have enough time to watch things over and over again, since I still have finals and I have to finish my thesis before June...
...but I couldn't resist! >.<

What was his solo in Iza, Now? I've seen him perform Top Secret and Rain, and of course Kumorinochi, Kaisei and Take Me Far Away, and he's amazing all the time! O.o The first time I saw him perform his solo, I was honestly shocked! Because right before I saw that, I saw Arashi making fun of Riida in the Hey!3x box thing... XD

I feel so guilty because I'm practically watching ONLY Arashi lately! >.< I can't find many new subbed Eito clips, and I seem to be bombarded with Arashi clips lately. XD

galaxy_namida: tadayoshi's purikura 1galaxy_namida on April 3rd, 2009 12:07 am (UTC)
haha! goodluck sa mga school matters..

maybe you already watched this..his solo in iza now is top secret..he performed the BEST there..cause to what i know is, he performed it also to somewhere but idk where and not that good perf also..

yes, eito subbed clips/shows are lacking lately... arashi, news and kattun subbers are many and fast..but still, thanx to the eito subbers :)
Yna: tacchon yayynaoblivious on April 3rd, 2009 09:52 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'll need it. >.<

I think I watched it na, but I'm not sure if the perf I watched was in Iza, Now... I know I have it on my phone! XD
His movements there were amazing~~!!! O.o

Lately puro Arashi ang nakikita kong subs, or maybe that's because I'm watching around 5 Arashi subbers. >.< I haven't seen much of NEWS lately (not that I've been actively checking up on them >D)
Yes, I love the Eito subbers, of course~!!! <3333
・кяуѕтℓє: arashigenkitelch on April 1st, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC)

wow. you've watched the AAA con already >_<. i still haven't. still waiting for my DVD

Arashi concerts are awesome in the same way as Eito's cons are awesome~~ ♥

you should watch Time concert!! hahahahaha

and Ohchan's facial expressions (and Ohchan himself) is ♥♥♥♥♥
OhMiya FTW! XD
Yna: tacchon magicynaoblivious on April 2nd, 2009 11:02 am (UTC)
Hai~! I'm watching lots and lots of Arashi videos lately, it's like I've forgotten everyone else. >.> In my own defense, it's because I keep seeing tempting Arashi subs on my f-page! And very few newly subbed vids for other groups, lol. XD

I think I'll watch more Arashi concerts too~!!! BUT I should keep myself under control until after I finish...my thesis, which I'm kinda ignoring at the moment >.< bad bad Yna x.x

lol, yes! I couldn't resist taking caps of Riida~! XD
I suddenly remembered the AnS ep where Nino suddenly announced that Riida's fly was open, and Riida was like "Where the heck were you looking?!?!" XD
Mina: smileminacchi on April 2nd, 2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
Ate Ynaaa~ Pareho tayo! :D <333 AAA 2008! :D I'm still downloading Part 2, but the Documentary and the first half of the concert were pure <3! I don't know exactly why, but I always enjoy watching Arashi concerts more. For one thing, I know almost all of their songs. (I dunno sa Part 2, but I was able to sing along for the whole Part 1~ <3) And not only was I attempting to dance along (tulad mo, haha), parang gusto ko ring sumama sa pag-cheer ng audience! :D I also enjoy their concerts more because of the MCs... like Eito, nakakatawa silang mag-usap~! <3

And! And! Nino with glasses (and pawis) again performing Niji!!! *fangirl scream* Concert performances of Carnival Night are faves. Napaka-energetic, ang sarap mag-dance along. :D By the way, the wave in the Time concert was better, IMO. :D (If you haven't seen Time DVD yet, download na!! Haha)

About Matsujun coming over... totoo kaya yun? Or April Fools? Haha! But if ever he comes, sana man lang sa malapit. Sayang naman kung pupunta siya pero sa ibang malayong isla. XDD I would regret it forever. Para bang so near yet so far! XD

But despite all this... Tacchon is still our ichiban, ne? <333

(Ehhhhh, ang haba ng comment ko. Hehe. Gomeeeeeen. XD)
Yna: tacchon magicynaoblivious on April 3rd, 2009 09:34 am (UTC)
I've watched the concert pa lang, ang docu I'm not sure if I'll download pa, pero I think I'll wait for subs, if ever, hehe.
Like I said sa entry, this is the first and only Arashi con I've seen so far. >.<
Feeling ko my roommate thinks I'm crazy, because I was kinda cheering rin while watching the concert! Haha.. Natuwa ako ng MC part kc I understood most of it even without subs, yay~!! ^__^ And puro Maou ang pinapanood ng mga tao sa mga bahay nila, haha! XD

I wanted to wipe off Nino's sweat na nga eh, haha! And to think si Nino ang last Arashi member I grew to like. >.>
Nanood ulit ako just now ng part from Ohno's solo to end of part1, ang saya! Dahil walang ibang tao sa room, nag sing and clap along din ako, haha. XD
Medyo weak nga yung wave sa AAA, pero mukhang fun pa rin! Have to see the Time con pa, haha.

Di ko nga alam eh...sana totoo! And sana naman i-publicize nila ang date and location!!!! I swear gagastos ako, except if sa Mindanao siya or Eastern Visayas. Haha. Pag nag Boracay siya, I'll pretend uwi ako samin (coz malapit lang kami dun) pero in reality yun pala ang reason, haha.

Yes, love pa rin si Tacchon~!!! <33333
ignoring the fact that I've been listening mostly to Arashi songs and watching mostly Arashi clips lately XD

(and like I always say, I LOVE long comments~!!!! <333 )
Mina: tacchonminacchi on April 6th, 2009 03:47 am (UTC)
Hmm, yeah, I think it's better to wait for the subbed Docu. Hindi ko lang mapigilang i-download, haha! I could understand most of what they were talking about, but there are still lots that I couldn't. XD

Panuorin mo narin yung Timeeee. :D You'd like it too. :D

HAHAHA! Di na tayo nahiya, no? XD But I was watching the con in my room, kaya hindi ako nahuling nagchi-cheer. XD Buti walang tao sa kwarto nyo~ XD Pareho pala tayo, nakikigaya rin kasi ako sa mga nagwe-wave ng hands, nagca-clap, nagsi-sing-along, at basta sa lahat ng cheer, pero di ko nalang nilalakasan, wahahahaha. Parang gusto ko kasing mafeel na kasama ko dun sa con. :DDD Akala ko ako lang ang nagpapakabaliw nang ganon. :D Manood na kasi tayo ng Arashi coooooon. XDDD

TARA! :DDD Pag nag-Boracay siya, sama ako sayo~~~ haha! Sasabihin ko rin na uuwi ako samin sa Aklan. :DDD Medyo malapit lang din kami sa Boracay e. :DDD Yan ay kung i-publicize nila na andun si Matsujun. :((

Ako rin naman, I've been watching lots of Arashi vids recently, pero di ko parin malilimutan si Tacchon our love. <333

(Buti nalang OK lang sayo ang long comments... andaldal ko kasi e XDD)
Yna: tacchon magicynaoblivious on April 8th, 2009 02:48 pm (UTC)
hinihintay ko nalang subs para di ako mag double download, hehe... ;) I could probably understand some things they say, pero since it's going to be subbed, hihintayin ko nalang siguro... ;D

Papanoorin ko nga sometime, haha, pero kailangan muna palipasin ang finals XD

Hahaha! sorry nalang, fangirl eh! walang hiya hiya! XD
2lang naman kmi sa room...and minsan andun ang roommate ko, minsan wala rin, hehe...
di ko rin nilalakasan, especially pag may ibang tao...unless si Ate Trixie or yung best friend ko na si Raissa ang kasama ko. In which case, lahat kami ganyan ginagawa! XD
Ang fun kasi maki-cheer~!!! ;D Never ko naisip na gugustuhin ko na rin manood ng Arashi con. Patay na, wala na akong pera in the future! Kay Johnny na mapupunta lahat!!! x.x

hahaha, oo nga, mas malapit ang Boracay sa Aklan (and in fact nasa Aklan ang Boracay, haha!) sana talaga malaman natin somehow, if ever pupunta siya!!! I swear gagastos ako para magstalk! >D

Pero as in almost zero na napanood ko na Kanjani vids lately ;___; kaya naisip ko na mag download ng raws, haha...pero tinatamad din ako pag raw, di ko naiintindhihan kasi ang bilis magsalita nina Hina! x.x plus, Kansai-ben pa! x.x
Na sad ako na mamamatay si Gentaaaaa~!!!! ;_____; grabe, stuck ako sa ep5 ng Hissatsu, di ko ma download ng maayos ang ep6 :( and now mamamatay siya? nooooo~!!!! ;____;

and not just ok, love ko nga!<3333 hahaha! ;D
mhuyhen on April 24th, 2009 07:02 pm (UTC)
haha! when i read about sho-kun, kyaa i thought we probably have the same taste. sho's actually my winter ichiban, tacchon for spring & toma for autumn... ops, i'm not really monogamous... they're my 3 seasons of japan..not sure if there'll be one for summer....so, i'm wondering if you like toma too...
Ynaynaoblivious on April 28th, 2009 10:52 am (UTC)
Re: coincidence?
I like Toma, but not as much as Tacchon ^___^
I've gone through 5 ichibans at different times, usually for about 3months each: Kame, Ueda, Tegoshi, Ryo, and Tacchon.
I thought Tacchon would be my ichiban for 3months, too, but surprisingly, he's held on to the spot for about a year now! O.o